A large percentage of the services offered by BAMI are offered at no cost to their recipients,  However, our experiences have taught us that certain services, in order to be effective, they must be taken seriously by their recipients.  Free services usually are undermined and therefore rendered ineffective.

Biblical Counseling and Literature Center

The BAMI Services


Penetrating every aspect of  the BAMI ministries is a Bible teaching of the highest order.  We are in love with the Word of God, and we seek to inculcate such love in the recipients of our services.  We use every means available to us, to evangelize the world and to teach the saved to observe all things taught by our Lord Jesus Christ, the whole counsel of God (Matt. 28:18-20).


In a corrupt and complex world, the Christian often finds himself in need of professional Biblical guidance and assistance.  We seek to meet such needs, via our skilled Biblical counseling services.


Many widely-circulated publications today claim they are Christian, while violating the Word of God.   Others are large in volume while saying little or nothing of value.   We seek to produce high quality literature saturated with the Word of God and relevant to people's daily lifestyles.


While we are not a humanitarian agency, we encounter born-again Christians who are in need of financial assistance with nowhere to go.  We seek to meet such needs when funds become available in our Relief Fund.  This, however, constitutes a tiny fraction of our budget.  The bulk of our finances go to the spreading of the Word of God around the world.